How to Create App Store Description That Sells

Competent app store optimization may jazz up an application, boosting its popularity and making it attractive for your clients. One of essential ways to advance application’s app store optimization is to properly draft the app store description of your mobile application. There are several simple, but forceful rules of writing app store description that sells.

App Store description guidelines

1. Brevity is the soul of wit

Yes, you have 4,000 characters to describe your app, but in fact, lot upon 255 of them, since this is the amount of text the users will be able to see above the fold. The idea is that users should want to unfold the cut to read next, so your task is to give them impulse for clicking ‘More’ button by sparking their interest. The first 255 characters of app store description should work as previous century’s paperboys shouting about the beginning of some piece of news, so that interested passersby would want to buy it and read the continuation.

2. The rule of 3 features

Your application may be complicated and it contains a world of useful features you are especially proud of. However, do not fall to temptation to thrust out all of them at once. When writing the app store description, focus on the key features. Emphasize those ones that characterize your app to the most and do not make it too complicated. Otherwise, your users will be overloaded with information and may opt for another app that solves their problem straightforwardly.

Try to concentrate on 3 key features that will be the most useful to your users.

3. Give the solution

This point is immediate from the previous one. Every worthy product solves some problem that is faced by customers. Sometimes headaches are obvious, and sometimes you need to make an emphasis, so that your customers think about it. For instance, Uber’s clients had not known they have the particular problem, until the company offered a solution.

Make sure to describe in your Android or iPhone app descriptions what problem your app solves and why it is so important.

4. Show social proof

Collect all relevant achievements and favorable references to show. Third parties’ endorsement included to the app store description will help you make a name for yourself and gain users’ confidence. Thus, if you had millions of downloads, your app won any awards, or you are featured in serious blogs – do not forget to mention it all in your app store description!

5. Localize where possible

You may gather more users with Apple store description, if you localize your application. People prefer using applications on their native language, even if they speak English. It is worthy to translate your app store description to several popular world languages. Nevertheless, remember that this must be a quality translation, not Google translated work.

Consider your app store description as an advertising copy of your product, by which you need to fascinate and emotionally involve your customers. We hope these simple app store description guidelines will help you in writing a snappy description!

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