10 Questions To Ask App Developers Before You Hire Them

When you realized that your business needs further advancement with mobile application, you start thinking about hiring mobile application developer to bring your ideas to life. It’s great when you have a top gun mobile app developer always at your service, but what if you need to search for mobile app developers for hire? Not to worry! Knowing how to pearl off, it won’t be long till you find the specialist you need. It is simple with the following 10 questions to ask app developers before hiring them.

1. How Experienced are You?

Rephrasing Jimi Hendrix in our case implies several aspects, like “Have you already worked with similar projects?” “Which platforms you have already developed apps for?”, and, as a proof, “May I look at some mobile apps’ examples developed by you?” Keen mobile application developers will be able to show you earlier developed applications along with the links to the online stores where one may download them.

Always hire mobile app developers with good portfolio and, what is even better, with several examples of executed projects that are similar to your own.

2. May I Have The References?

Make sure to get some feedback from the clients the mobile app developer previously worked with. If the person is reluctant to provide you some, there is a reason to find another one.

When checking the references, it is important to ask not only about the mobile app developers’ expertise but also about their personal qualities, their ability to meet deadlines and their readiness to adhere to your working process.

3. Where Are You Located And How Would We Maintain Communication?

You may consider to hire local app developers as well as to go offshore in order to find the required expertise and reduce costs.

When you hire a mobile application developer from other country, make sure proper communication is established. Clearly agree upon the time intervals, in which the developer would need to update you on the working status. At scheduling meetings, consider time zones and assure absence of language barriers, so that every member of the team communicates as effectively and comfortably as possible.

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4. Will You Provide Further Support?

Many people forget that finished application will require updates in a time. Ask a potential developer whether he/she will be able to maintain the app for you in the future.

5. Will You Submit The Application To The App Store?

After completion of beta-testing stage, skilled mobile app developers should be able to take you through all the steps of putting the application to app store for further sales.

You need mobile app developer with a previous experience of submitting apps to the app stores. Otherwise, you’ll waste several months before your app will be submitted successfully (remember, it takes up to 2 weeks for app to be reviewed by the AppStore).

6. How Can My Application Make money?

Although this type of question applies to you rather than to mobile app developer, you still need to make sure you’ll get the support and skill set necessary to make it happen.

There are many monetarization models such as pay-per-download, subscription based model etc. If you choose to build a free app, you can make money by in-app purchase and ad based techniques. If you are interested in monetarization of your application, mobile app developer should be able to help you with that.

7. How Will My App Be Tested?

Thorough testing is essential, so the candidate should be able to explain how he/she is usually ensures that the app is ready to go live. Ask what bug tracking systems they usually work with, how the bug fixing process is carried out and how you can monitor the testing process and get the latest builds.

Mobile app testing should be performed by the skilled QA specialist, so ask the person whether they have a tester in the team. Otherwise, you will need to hire one.

8. Will I Own The App?

An important legal question, which should be discussed at the beginning. Generally, if you pay for your application to be developed, you are the person who is going to own it as soon as it is completed. To play safe, sign a written agreement concerning copyright issues. This document should state that app’s content, design and code would belong to you upon the project completion.

9. What Are The Payment Terms?

We suggest you opting for hourly payments or hiring a dedicated developer with a fixed monthly payment. In some cases, a fixed budget can be chosen, especially in case strict specifications are given and you are sure there would be no changes in the project scope.

10. Are You Currently Working On Other Projects?

When you hire a mobile application developer, feel free to ask this question if you do not want your project to drag on. Ask whether there would be one or two persons dedicated to your project solely. This will guarantee that your project is a priority for the development team.

Remember these essential questions to ask app developers before starting cooperation, and you may rest assured that your application is in safe hands.

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